Sing Kitchen, Water Tank, and Mobile Micro Cabin

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Are Super Honeycomb products "Green"  

How do you install Sing Floor Panels?




How do you build a Sing Portable Storage Shed?  
What Does a Honeycomb core look like?    
A. Like This ------------------------>  

How many different types of skins are there?


A. Custom panel choice -- skin choice, wood, plywood, mdf, plastic corrugated plastic, ABS, polypropylene, steel aluminum, stainless steel, exposed edge, enclosed edge, custom implant for fastening.

What is the size of the core?    

A. Our structure veneer metric grids provide different straightness and weight. From 1 in. metric to as large as 6 in. metric. Our experienced tech team will work with you to determine what is the best weight and strength for your custom design panels.


How straight is a Sing Honeycomb panel?    
A. See for yourself--- this panel is 16ft long  

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