About The Inventor, Peter Sing

Sing Honeycomb Product Detail

Small Panels

Sign board substrate made with sing honeycomb. They are lightweight and durable. Paint or print.

Bench made with Sing Honeycomb core is lightweight, weather resistant.

Garage organizer, made with Sing honeycomb panels they are easy to assemble and are built to last.

Sing lightweight high strength dresser
Lightweight, strong furniture meant to last for 100's of year

Sing Honeycomb Kitchen Cabinets
Complete Kitchen cabinets made of modular Sing Honeycomb panel.

Sing Kitchen Island Cabinet
Kitchen Island made of one piece Sing Honeycomb box 8'wide x 24" deep

Sing Honeycomb Entertainment Center - Pantry - armoire - buffet

Lightweight honeycomb sign boards with plastic skin for print

Sing bathroom cabinets

Sing office desk

Sing work station