About The Inventor, Peter Sing

Sing Honeycomb Product Detail

Lightweight Wood Planks
This has not been done in the woodworking industry anywhere in the world...

You will agree that expensive solid wood planks are not the best choice after you learn about the newly invented, Sing Honeycomb lightweight wood planks. Available in cherry, birch, maple, fir, pine, cedar, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel etc....Watch our plank video on Youtube Click Here

These 1 3/4 " x 9.5 " thick planks can be edge glued to any width and butt glued to any length without having to be planed. No solid wood plank can be edge glued and butt joint to make a straight and flat panel.

This is a picture of finished and unfinished planks which have a solid wood skin, not plywood skin. The solid wood skin makes easier to work with than solid wood because it is more dimensionally stable, lightweight, more beautiful and stronger, pound for pound.

This is a picture of the plank with 210 lbs. in the middle with little visible deflection.See picture above of Sing Honeycomb planks edge glued to make a
6' x 12' Port Orford cedar door.

The planks can be edge glued to make a conference table and legs. The surface of the conference table can also be a lightweight, solid wood, insulated door. You can cut an opening to install glass any way you want such as french door.

The window frame pictures above is made of Sing honeycomb 2" x 10" solid wood

Real solid Port Orford cedar as skin surface of the honeycomb panel 4 - 6' ft. wide by 12 ft. tall x 2" thick. These planks offer more precision than solid wood. Only 1/3 of the weight of solid wood.


Click Here to see why Sing honeycomb is better than solid wood.

Options for dimension of Solid wood plank or beams:

Each plank can be edge glued to any width. Using multiple layers of lightweight planks laying perpendicular on top of each other can form the strongest, lightweight, affordable, true, level press or torsion box. This structure is lighter stronger and costs less than heavy duty steel plates. We use a similar method to make our large 16 foot presses. Using this method you can also create a lightweight high strength door almost any size.

Options for outer wood surface:

Any type of surface wood can be applied to the planks such as cherry, birch, maple, fir, pine, cedar etc....


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