About The Inventor, Peter Sing

Sing Honeycomb Product Detail


Panels fall into many categories:


Small Panels (Cut to size) - less than 4' x 8'

Standard Size Panels - 4' x 8'

Oversize Panels - Larger than 4' x 8'


Small Panels smaller than 4' x 8'

The is a picture of different thickness Sing wood veneer honeycomb panels with exposed edges before solid wood edges are inserted.

The frame of this strong dresser is made of four pieces of hardwood Sing honeycomb panel with solid wood implanted around the edges. This is Not knockdown furniture. It can be taken apart and put back together as many times as you want. Furniture made of Sing honeycomb panels is the strongest, lightweight, earth friendly furniture, available at a low cost. Based on this design principle you can create base cabinets, book shelf, wall cabinets, island centers, pantry's, computer workstations, entertainment centers, wall units, shelter, shelving and much more. Click Here for more pictures

Standard Size Panels 4' x 8'

Honeycomb panels - These lightweight panels are made of Sing honeycomb for use as partition walls, doors, roof deck, and floors. They are highly insulated and dimensionally stable. Click Here to see a picture.


This is the easiest way to insulate a concrete floor or sub floor. It provides insulation and sound deadening properties. Using Sing honeycomb insulated panels is the easiest way to build the strongest floor. Click Here to see how or Click Here to watch the video on YouTube. .


Oversize Panels larger than 4' x 8'

Sing Honeycomb panel substrate can be used for creating the highest insulation, lightweight, high strength, dimensionally stable doors. Click Here to see how to build these 12 ft. doors

This is a 10' wide x 14' tall x 3" thick lightweight insulated door with 1/8 in luan on both sides. The inside temperature of the kiln can reach 160 degrees while outside is 20 degrees. After 4 years this door is still like new. We can make it any size and primered ready to paint.

Options for thickness and dimensions:

From 3/4 " thick up to 10 " thick or even beyond
Standard Size -4'x 8' & 5'x 10'
Custom sizes are available for almost any specified length and width

Options for outer surface material:

Any type of outer surface material can be applied to the panels such as plywood, cherry, birch, maple, fir, pine, cedar, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel etc....

Options for Strength:

Specify the load requirement and we can try to match your need.


Pricing is based on quantity, dimension, and type of skin surface. Call for details.