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Super Honeycomb MDF or Plywood Substrate

Super Honeycomb MDF Substrate

Read about fine wood working using our leading edge patented Sing Honeycomb MDF or Plywood substrate technology: Article written by Joseph Starr Click Here

You can do it with our technology even if you have a very basic wood workshop. Build the largest insulated door in the USA. Build the largest conference table with minimal tools required. Build your trailer with our lightweight insulated panels. We guarantee it is the easiest way to build lightweight high strength insulated trailer, crate, or storage unit. Almost anything made with wood, steel or concrete can be replaced with our lightweight honeycomb core.

Click here for a photo of a very large, flat door measuring 12 ft tall and 6 ft wide by 2.25 inch thick Sing honeycomb core panel standing freely on its edge! It is lightweight yet has extremely high strength for door production, case goods, tables, partition walls, bookcases, shelving units, entertainment centers, cabinets, garden furniture, outdoor decking, show displays, store fixtures, sign boards and wall units.

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1) It is easy to use. Use regular carpenters glue and clamps to make your own honeycomb panel, with our patented Sing Honeycomb MDF substrate as the core material. Click here to see a Sing honeycomb MDF substrate panel. You can apply mdf, plywood and solid wood veneer and aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, or bamboo on both sides of the Sing honeycomb MDF substrate. It is very easy to sand and saw, like regular heavy MDF, but is much lighter and stronger and doesn't soak up moisture like typical MDF.

2) It is lightweight which costs less to ship than products made of particle board, solid mdf, solid wood or plywood.

3) The Sing honeycomb MDF substrate is more stable and moisture resistant than a core made of particle board, solid wood, mdf, and plywood.

4) Sing honeycomb MDF substrate uses urethane glue which is formaldehyde free, waterproof, and high strength. 

5)  There is no minimum order for the mill work industry.

6) We offer custom design assistance free of charge.

7) Easy pricing system to budget your orders. Sing honeycomb MDF substrate panels are sold per square ft.

8)  We can teach Sing customers how to build a torsion box with our honeycomb core panel. It is the best tool to press honeycomb beam and panels at a low cost.  We have developed a 16 ft x 4 ft press made of patented Sing honeycomb beam and panels. It is the most affordable press in the wood working industry with high levels of precision.

Please tell your mill-workers to try out this product.

We guarantee the results are unprecedented. Otherwise we will give you a full refund for your first trial order.