About The Inventor, Peter Sing

Sing Honeycomb Product Detail

Sing Honeycomb Doors
Strong - Lightweight - Insulated
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High InsulationValue
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • High-Strength
  • Lightweight

Often people come to us for oversize doors because it is hard to create a large door that has all of the above characteristics. We believe all doors should be made with our product because it's affordable, energy efficient (leaves a relatively small carbon footprint), and it can last a lifetime.

We specialize in oversize, lightweight, high strength door core, large doors, barn doors, big sliding doors, garage doors, exterior doors, interior doors, hanger doors, carriage doors, partition walls, movable partition walls, factory door, pole barn door, aircraft hanger door, garage door, sliding door, operable wall, folding door, room divider, folding partition wall, accordion door, demountable wall, movable wall, bi fold exterior door, portable panels, moving wall, sliding wall, office wall system, office wall partition, sliding partition, commercial room divider, operable partition.

Our newly invented Sing honeycomb core has served many high end mill work companies from coast to coast. Sing honeycomb core and panel is the choice material to replace mdf, plywood, concrete, metal, and plastic.

#1 - Economy Door: This is our most affordable patented honeycomb door for the no-frill budget but it is still the strongest, most stable, lightweight, insulated and earth-friendly door you can get for the price.



#2 - Mid-Price Door: This is our most affordable patented honeycomb door for the moderately priced budget and the do-it-yourself person who wants style with affordability. Add your own cedar trim on top of economy door.


# 3 - High-Style Door: This is for the homeowner who wants to make a statement about their home, it says I can have style and function without paying an extravagant price. Cover door with your choice of wood planking and trim over the back and front of our economy door.


With a Sing Honeycomb Door today's homeowner can have it all a style and function that is also
eco-friendly, a carriage door that will last.

We only offer this exclusive product to garage door retailers, installers and manufacturers and other woodworking professionals...

Consumers for retail sales please contact
your local door retail professionals
The 3 Easiest Ways to Build the Best
Carriage Doors for Your Garage
If your door is not made with a sing honeycomb core,
it can only be second best.
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Dealer Door Panel Prices:

Carriage doors are constructed using 4' x 8' Honeycomb Panels

Pricing will be per panel:

1-4 Panels - $12/sq ft

5-10 Panels $10/sq ft

11-50 Panels $8/sq ft

* For more than 50 panels
Please call for pricing
Cedar Trim Prices:

5/8" x 3.25" x 8' - $2.50/ft

5/8" x 10" x 8' - $8/ft
Sliding doors

Carriage Door92.5" x 95.5" x 2.25"

Sliding Door Carrage Doors
Double Doors
Wood Door

- Sing Doors are the Strongest, most dimensionaly stable, and most insulated Click Here to see our video on YouTube

- Less twisting, warping and shrinkage than any other solid core door

- Full 1.56 inch thick core polyurethane foam core at R-7.5 per inch

- Lightweight (1/3 of the weight of Balsa wood)

- Affordable (A fraction of the cost of Balsa wood core doors)