About The Inventor, Peter Sing

About The Inventor, Peter Sing

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Peter Sing has invented the strongest, lightweight, earth friendly, low cost material that has endless applications. With this material you can build the strongest, lightweight, environmentally friendly, furniture, concrete tables, truck bodies,boats, and airplanes, there arre endless applications. It is even possible to build an entire home from floor to roof. A Sing home is the strongest, lightweight, energy efficient home in the world.

When Peter Sing, the inventor and founder of Sing Home, was a teenager he learned about the properties of the honeycomb structure from the aluminum honeycomb used in aircraft. It was very lightweight and high strength but was expensive to produce because of the energy consumed in the manufacturing process. Peter Sing worked to invent a honeycomb material that used renewable resources and had a low-energy consumption process to produce a low-cost, high-strength honeycomb building material. This is how a life time of invention started – and now, after 30+ U.S. patents, Sing Honeycomb Products have become the best combination of natural materials and human ingenuity you will find on the market today.

Wood is next to earthen material and is the most commonly used building material on our planet. Grown naturally for millions of years, humans started to use wood in the construction of their shelters after they moved out of caves. For thousands of years our ancestors cut natural wood to build furniture, and construct shelters. Then engineered wood products started to replace solid wood: laminated wood, plywood, chip-board, OSB(oriented strand board), and the list goes on…

The invention of the Sing Honeycomb process is based on very simple idea: it takes less wood fiber to provide the same strength and with a better insulation value – than solid wood. Take 100% of the wood fiber out of the solid wood and put back 10% of that wood fiber back integrated into vertically structured foam and arranged in geometrical shapes. The honeycomb core material is made of thin wood veneer surrounding an insulated and sound deadening foam base material. The implanted vertical grain veneer is made of high strength wood fiber(Veneer which is the main ingredient to compose plywood) . It is the strongest lightweight low-cost material ever created with natural materials in the world.

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