- Sing Honeycomb Doors -


Patented Sing Honeycomb Doors are lightweight,high strength and insulated.

With amazing insulation rating and their extreme lightweight Sing Doors are the way to go!

-Sing Tiny Houses-


Sing Tiny houses are built with Patented Sing Honeycomb panels! Are lightweight insulated panels using Sing technology are structurally superior to anything else on the market!

  • Sound deadening
  • High Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Insulation R value of 6.5 per inch

-Sing Log Homes-


OuOur log homes have the highest insulation and precision in the log home industry.DIY: Log Home Kits & Design Friendly log home.

-Sing Honeycomb Furniture-


Sing Honey Comb Furniture

Using Sing Honeycomb Panels and detailed craftsmanship our furniture is lightweight, strong and beautiful!

We believe our furniture is the

largest lightweight and strongest ever made in USA!

-Lightweight News-



Its time to use the patented Sing honeycomb core as substrate to replace particle board, MDF or solid wood that is over 1 inch thick. If you have been searching for lightweight MDF, lightweight plywood, lightweight particle board or lightweight wood then our patented sing honeycomb is the answer for you.

-Tradeshow Booths-


Custom deisgn trade show booths.

Our booths are lightweight Sing Honeycomb

Testemonials & Sing Clients

Sing Honeycomb Material

Sing Honeycomb is made of 100% natural wood veneer implanted in low density foam to create the newly patented Sing wood veneer Honeycomb Core. We specialize in lightweight panels that use high performance skin materials such as wood, aluminum, steel or fiberglass adhered to lightweight cores made from wood veneer honeycomb,and foam cores. 

This low-cost high-performance material takes less energy to produce than conventional structural and non structural materials and is much stronger. It is the best combination of natural materials and human ingenuity in the last century of structural and non structural material invention.

Our honeycomb panels and beams start with our Honeycomb core and can have any type of facial board: hardwood, softwood, plywood, fiberglass, plastic, metal, etc. The combination of the Patented Sing Honeycomb core material with your choice of outer sheeting produces low-cost high-strength, lightweight panels and beams suited to your individual needs.We also offer:- Design solutions

- Quality workmanship

- Prototyping and production

- Oversize panels

- On-time delivery


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View U of W Core Strength Report and Testing Results



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